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Stella B. - First Promo

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to present the first promo clip for Stella B. and the Busted League. Full series will debut in late Spring!

Stella B. and the Busted League

Finally, a post here for those that don't do Facebook or Twitter. The long-rumored "project" I've been hinting about is web series ensemble comedy about comic book nerds. We're currently casting, so if you know of any actors in the DFW area (especially cosplayer/actors -- would love to cast one), please point them at the website:  We've also got a bare-bones Facebook page here.

Once we get the main cast in place, there probably won't be much more discussion about the series until we're ready to launch. I'm trying not to steal what little thunder I have by spilling too much too soon. :)

Dallas Comic Con 2011


I had a great time at the show, mainly just chatting up many of my old pals from the early years of the century when I was self-publishing. I blew off Leonard Nimoy's autograph ($75!! LONG LINES!!) in favor of the amazing duo from TV's The Flash, namely John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays (also from my all-time fave Max Headroom). The new convention center was gorgeous, but the parking situation was really bad... I had it easy, I got dropped off, but many people had to walk 1/4 mile in the hella-humidity... but hopefully that situation will be rectified by the next show. Who knows. Anyway, here are a bunch of pics.

Amanda Pays, me, and John Wesley Shipp. These really are some of the nicest celebs you'd ever want to meet. They were both totally awesome.

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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011


It was this past weekend, I went for a few hours on Saturday. Truth be told, it was kind of a lame show; the hotel is way too small for the event (they're moving to a bigger one next year) so everybody was packed in like sardines, it was hotter 'n heck, and the guest-list was nowhere as good as it has been in past years. I was interested to see Robert England (aka Freddy Krueger), but his lines were always super-long, so I blew off actually meeting him. I did attend his Q&A session, which was fairly lively. If you want to hear it, I've posted an MP3 here. I did have fun chatting with Keli (The Variants) Wolfe, who was as charming as always. I probably bugged her more than I should've, but I was kinda bored. I will say this: if you're an indie filmmaker and you want me to buy your movie sight-unseen, not knowing the level of production or quality, you really should sell your DVDs for no more than $10. I saw at least four of these in the dealer's room that were ALL priced at $20 - 25 each. Guys, I realize you're trying to recoup your production costs, but in this economy, nobody but your friends, relatives, and a few hardcores are going to pay those prices for grass-roots horror flicks. Go cheaper, and you'll sell a lot more. Anyway, a few (big) pics from the show under the cut.

As always, lots of zombies, with added prosthetics.


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Holy crap.

spock dumb
I haven't posted here since last August. More to come, promise.

Fandom Reunion Luncheon 1997 - Pics


In 1997 I was priviledged to attend the Fandom Reunion Luncheon, held during (but not directly associated with) the Chicago Comic Convnetion at Rosemont, IL. My personal account of the event can be found here, but recently Russ Maheras, who helped Bill Schelly organize the event, posted a gaggle of pictures on his Facebook account, several of which feature yours truly. All these pics are photo credit to Russ, and I'd never seen any of them before.

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My Past is Actually Worth Something...

zeta beam

Holy cats, a nearly-complete collection of my old sf/horror film fanzine Wet Paint sold on eBay this past week for $561! This was a collection of over 30 zines that I published roughly from 1982 - 1994, back in the heyday of my fan-publishing; none had a print run of more than 150 copies, and most were more like in the range of 75 copies. That's kinda cool, and makes me wish I had more copies of those old issues (I only kept one file copy of each issue, and those aren't going anywhere.)  BTW, I know the seller, he's an old cronie of mine from back in the day, and got all these for free (he was on my comp/trade list). But I certainly have no objection to him hawking these old zines, and glad he got a good price for them!

Click through to see the eBay page. Since eBay only keeps these auctions viewable for 30 days, I did a series of screen grabs and put together my own image.

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Ray Bradbury!

Great. A beautiful, sexy girl who's into science fiction, but she still won't sleep with us because she'd rather jack off to RB. Oh, wait. Maybe it's satire.

Zombie Boy Returns!


In the late 1980s, my old pal Mark Stokes (who I hadn't met yet) entered the then-bustling indie/self-publishing market with his b/w satire Zombie Boy, which was essentially a voodoo riff on Richie Rich. His Diamond orders sold out his print run, and though there never was an issue #2, ZB did crop up in two more self-published #1 issues over the next decade or so, before being briefly re-launched in totally revamped form by Antarctic Comics in 1996 (meaning another #1 issue).

Now, almost fifteen years later, Zombie Boy gets revamped again and re-emerges as a web comic! Check out the website here, and enjoy!

From the Archives: The Last Bulldog


Dateline: Titan Comics, 2006. Despite a few years of reduced activity, I had decided to participate in the annual "24 Hour Comic Book" day, in which a creator attempts to create a 24-page comic book in a single continuous 24-hour period. Rebecca and Paul at Titan had organized the event and were hosting as many comic creators as the premises would hold, and I thought maybe the event was just what I needed to get my creative juices going again.

It didn't quite work out that way. After about 12 hours, dead-tired and unhappy with the 9 scratchy pages I'd produced, I basically gave up and just hung out, reading Y: The Last Man trades, and yakking with the other comic creators. James O'Barr told us the true story of the death of Brandon Lee, while up in the front of the store, Paul Milligan was working feverishly on the first of his awesome Rock God 24HCs. Overall it was a good time, and I'm glad I went. But creatively, it wasn't the jump-start I was looking for.

I don't think I've ever posted these pages before, but here they are. This was the first sequential work I'd undertaken since the four-page story "Welcome to My World," which appeared in the Even More Fund Comics charity anthology in 2004, and it was only the second time I was working with my new design model for Bulldog Malone. Basically I had tried to reinvent him as slighly younger, thinner, with a more expressive mouth. In doing my regular Complex City book, I was always fighting those droopy jowls of his -- they made him seem more dog-like, but made it almost impossible to get any kind of expression onto his face. So I revamped him with a somewhat more cartoonish -- but infinitely more versatile -- gob. Hopefully, nobody even noticed the difference. This is the last Bulldog Malone story in comic book form I ever worked on.
So anyway, here's what there is of "Hellsgothirak in the Under Dimensions" (a title, yes, inspired by Henry Selick's Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions). The really embarassing thing? Four years down the road, I have no idea where this story was going. I know I had the whole thing loosely plotted out in my head, but I've completely forgotten whatever the payoff was supposed to be. Oh well.

Click on image to see all 9 pages.